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Tomorrow - a short story

A Gears of War short story
By Wisdom Thumbs

It was over. They’d finally done it.
A dead sky hung over Azura, black and sinister with smoke. Storm clouds raged from one horizon to the other. The whole world was dying. Or was it being reborn?
Pinnacle Tower writhed as a column of hungry flame, orange tongues devouring it from the inside out. All one hundred floors were ablaze. Against the dark sky it stood in stark relief, swirling with smoke.
As Sam watched, another pulse of blue light exploded from the top of the tower, rippling in all directions across the sky. The pulses were coming in regular intervals now, expanding out and away to cover all of Sera in cleansing blue. She had to wonder how far they would go. It was countless kilometers from Azura to the mainland.
“It’s beautiful...” breathed Jace, standing beside her on the beach. He stared up through the palm leaves, mouth agape.
Sam wished she had his ne
:iconwisdom-thumbs:Wisdom-Thumbs 10 22
Boltok Pistol tutorial by TheGrimPaladin Boltok Pistol tutorial :iconthegrimpaladin:TheGrimPaladin 24 6
You're Not Alone Part 2
Baird awoke to see the sun just beginning to rise, casting a radiant pinkish glow across the sky. He had slept soundly; his one arm wrapped around Sam's waist while he rested his head on the other. As he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, he glanced over to see Sam curled up in a ball, cuddling close to his fleece hoodie. Eyes closed, her face looked completely at ease. Baird smiled, relieved. She looked so peaceful compared to last night. She didn't even move, except for the steady rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. He watched her for a while before slowly getting up to stretch. He moved carefully, not wanting to wake her. He stole one last glace at her beautiful face, so calm, so gentle, so vulnerable, before walking to the shoreline.
Baird's eyes traveled across the horizon admiring the sunrise as his mind replayed his words over and over. "I'm here, and I'll never leave you." What he wouldn't have given to hear someone say that to him. That feeling of security; knowing som
:icongearsgirl6295:GearsGirl6295 9 6
You're Not Alone (Gears Fan Fic) Part 1
The night was silent, aside from the steady crashing of the ocean upon the sand. The sky was clear, and the stars were shining radiantly like diamonds against a curtain of midnight blue. It was warm out, so the brisk breeze coming from the water was refreshing.
Baird and Sam were sitting on the beach under a couple of large palm trees, a good distance from the hotel. Azura was the best place they could think of to start rebuilding, so the hotel was sort of their home for now. It was pretty comfy; way better then their cells on the ship anyway.
They had taken the same route as every other night, walking across the cool sand until they reached "their spot" where they would spend an hour or more talking and listening to one another before heading back home to rest.
What started as a way to speak in private gradually turned into a sort of routine. It gave them a chance to "clear the cobwebs" while spending some time together. While Baird was a bit reluctant when Sam asked him to join her f
:icongearsgirl6295:GearsGirl6295 10 7
Something New (Gears Fan Fic)
Damon Baird got up from his seat, pulling the goggles from his eyes as he made his way to the door of his garage. "I'm coming…jeez..." he said, irritated as he heard a second rap on the door. The rusted hinges creaked as he swung it open, to find Samantha Byrne standing on the other side. "Hey, Blondie. I got the parts." Baird wiped his grimy hands on a worn towel as he looked her over. She had a few pieces of random machinery cradled in her arms. Other then a couple pipes and rolls of wire, everything was of unknown origins to anyone other then the mechanic, who gave her a quick nod and gestured for her to come inside his cramped workshop.
They made their way to where three packhorses were parked, which looked a little less then depressing in their current state of repair. Yesterday's victory had been costly; the battle had taken a toll on the equipment as well as the soldiers, who were all pulling their weight to fix what had been nearly destroyed. There were weapons and armor to be
:icongearsgirl6295:GearsGirl6295 5 4
Snow Day (Gears Fan Fic)
In this story, we learn a bit about Baird's childhood while he teaches Sam a thing or two about ice-skating. I hope you enjoy! :aww: (Just ignore the title. I couldn't come up with a better one lol)
"Show-off," Samantha Byrne muttered before she lost her balance, falling onto the unforgiving ice for the hundredth time. A smug Damon Baird cruised over gracefully, coming to a halt, showering the brunette with a mist of ice shavings.
"Need a hand?" He asked, looking far too pleased with himself. Sam snorted indignantly and picked herself up without the mechanics help. Baird shrugged, and then took off in a flash, racing around the circumference of the pond. Sam dusted off her knees and the seat of her jeans as she watched him, the snow getting caught in her dark hair as she stood with a pout on her face. She didn't like seeing the sarcastic blonde having this much fun. Just as she was going to inch forward, he was at her side again, skating slow circles around her. "You're not going to ge
:icongearsgirl6295:GearsGirl6295 12 13
Tomorrow (Chapter 4)
(Baird's P.o.V)
Sleep just isn't coming.
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that irony is a very cruel bitch, but what are the chances of getting insomnia after an 18 year war ends? Then add that to the fact that sleep had never been an issue for me in the first place.
If you ask me, that’s like a whole new level of derision to my psyche.
I breathe deeply, letting steam from the shower engulf each of my senses—a poor attempt to calm my thoughts, which are racing.
Getting the generator on the fifth floor running again had been easy work, but a loose screw in the oil compartment had left my clothes in a state that wasn't entirely suitable for what was going to happen later; We were meeting the people from Anvil Gate.
For the thousandth time today, I find myself wondering about Hoffman and Bernie—How they've been. What had happened since we left. And how the hell we’re going to tell them about Dom.
I repeat the nam
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 1 4
Mature content
You're very welcome (Chapter 2) :iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 2 11
Mature content
You're very welcome :iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 2 12
Christmas on Sovereign (Chapter 2)
“Damon?” a loud whisper along with a quick poke to the chest woke Baird from his sleep, and he opened his eyes wearily. Sam knelt over him, biting her bottom lip playfully, brown eyes twinkling as her bare feet got tangled in the sheets. For a moment, the male gear was unaware as to why she was in his room, until he remembered their conversation last night, and the small gift he had left in her room a few hours afterward.
“Sam it’s…” his voice was still thick with sleep as it trailed off, hands fumbling feverishly for his watch that rested on the bedside table.
“It’s only seven?” The blonde mechanic dropped his head back on the pillow, bringing the blanket over his shoulders and turning over.
It was way too early to start an argument with her, but he made a mental note to start locking the door to prevent any future unwanted “intrusions”.
“Baird, thank you.” Sam said softly, looking fondly at the small metal
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 3 2
Christmas on Sovereign (Chapter 1)
Sam sat in the mess hall, cautiously blowing on the fresh cup of coffee that sat on the table in front of her, watching the ripples that constantly broke the calm surface of the steaming liquid with distracted interest.
Sighing, she once again felt the hull of Sovereign groan under the weight of another massive wave; the storm outside was giving the old ship one hell of a night.
She knew that the unexpected cease of lambent stalks should’ve left her in a better mood, or at least grateful, but in that current hour of the night, the brunette gear couldn’t help but feel slightly downcast as her mind drifted over the upcoming holiday that she wouldn’t be able to celebrate.
The very thought of the word sent a chill down her spine, and the memories came flooding back in torrents; both as ponderous and unrelenting as the gale outside. Sam couldn’t count on both hands the times that she and her mother always attempted to make holidays enjoyable, and Ch
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 3 2
Tomorrow (Chapter 3)
(Several days prior; the night following the end of the war.)
Hours. It had been only hours since Adam Fenix’s device had activated, and the war against the locust horde had ended. Everything was still in a dream-like state, and Samantha Byrne had to keep reminding herself that what had happened, had happened, and that life would have to keep moving, new direction or not.
She sighed, taking off the last of her armor and tossed it on the queen sized mattress, which was the centerpiece of the lavish hotel room she had chosen to stay in. If there had been more modest accommodations, Sam would’ve taken them in a heartbeat, but everything about the entire building oozed copious elegance, and she despised it. It felt wrong to be living in such leisure, when so many of her comrades didn’t even live to see it; like Dom.  
In fact, she decided that there were only two things she could deal with--maybe take some enjoyment in--while living in
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 4 18
Tomorrow (Chapter 2)
Samantha Byrne stood dead still, hands and knees shaking while she looked on at the four people in front of her. They simply stared back, both motionless and completely devoid of expression. She dared not take her eyes away from the silent figures, but from what she could see in her peripheral, she was in the middle of a gray wasteland, wisps of white smoke spread around her and the apparent “family”, who were unblinking. There was virtually nothing in the barren gray atmosphere; land and sky seemed to be one in the same, and it all remained morbidly silent.
Sam couldn’t remember how she had gotten there, or any events prior to when the family had spotted her.
And what a family they were.
The father- or at least Sam assumed it was the father -stood in the middle of the small group, with a stance she could only describe as protective. His flesh was burned beyond recognition, and from what Sam could see through his tattered clothing, his arms and legs were blistered
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 1 0
Tomorrow (Chapter 1)
Bernie’s P.o.V
Only for them.
That’s the phrase that has been my mantra for the last few hours; whenever I start second guessing myself about getting on this boat, I repeat it, over and over and over. In the middle of the ocean is about the last place I want to be right now, but if it gives me the chance to see them all again-Marcus, Dom and the rest- so be it.
The war was over. It was difficult to try to imagine the meaning of those words, but those electric blue shockwaves that killed the grubs on contact a few days ago held no room for doubt that Marcus’s dad had done something right. Still, the very thought of it was still a little less then surreal; 18 years of fighting the bastards, and it took less then a day to finally finish them off.
We got the call from Marcus only yesterday, and we hadn’t lost any time in leaving for Azura as soon as possible. I had tried my best to convince Vic to let us ride via King Raven, but to him, boat see
:iconbairdsgirl11797:Bairdsgirl11797 2 4


My Life.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 8:03 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Sorry anyone who is anticipating me doing Gears-related stuff, TMNT has pretty much taken over my life and almost every waking moment.  My re-obsession, i just ... i just can't...  But i'm having sooo much fun, i haven't been this excited in a long time!  So sorry!  HHHHNNNNNGGGG~

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